Facts About The Mona Lisa

Long regarded as the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa is a truly unique creation that can be found in the Louvre Museum in France. Created by none other than Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa is a priceless painting that has been the subject of much debate for the last few hundred years. It has captivated audiences and experts alike and offers a look into the endlessly-creative mind of da Vinic and his unmatched skill on the canvas.

Here we will explore some of the less known facts about the world-famous art piece.

The Woman Behind The Smile

Along with the smile itself, one of the most prominent mysteries surrounding the Mona Lisa was woman that da Vinci based the portrait on. There have been countless theories as to her identity, but more often than not, there was little evidence available to substantiate the claims. But in recent years, historians and art experts have correctly identified the woman as Lisa del Giocondo, who lived in the city of Florence and was part of a wealthy family at the time. It’s believed that the painting was commissioned by her husband, Francesco del Giocondo, who married Lisa when she was still a teenager.

It’s Not Finished

While it’s easy to believe that the Mona Lisa was just another in a long line of finished pieces by the Italian artist, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that he was never able to finish his magnum opus. Two Italian doctors were able to compile a detailed breakdown of the life of da Vinci, and they discovered that he had suffered from a stroke in 1517, which was during the time that he was busy with the artwork. He died two years later in 1519, but it’s believed that his stroke would have left him in a condition that would’ve made it impossible for him to complete the Mona Lisa.

It Impressed Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was a famous French general that led several successful campaigns to take control of his homeland. He was also a lover of fine art and had a particular love of the Mona Lisa. He loved it so much, in fact, that he had the painting hung in his private bedroom, where he was able to admire it during the night.

It Caused a Suicide

French artist Luc Maspero was founded dead after throwing himself from the fourth story of the hotel room that he was staying in, in 1852. He created a note before committing suicide that read, “For years I have grappled with her smile. I prefer to die.”

It Has Toured The World

While the Mona Lisa is now securely housed in the Louvre and will most never move again, during the 1970s it was taken around the world on various tours, the kind that would require winning at horse racing in Australia to emulate. It was once even shown to President Kennedy in Washington D.C. before being flown across the world to be put on display in Tokyo.

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