History’s Best Natural Photographs

There is rarely a better subject than nature. With its incredible scenery, wide arrangement of fauna and flora, as well as dazzling sunsets, photographers have long been drawn to the natural world for their work.

Over the last century, there have been a number of truly unique images that have been captured. These are pictures that have captured the attention of millions of people across the world and have collectively become part of history. Here we will look at some of the greatest nature photographs ever taken.

  1. Hippo Group From Above

This incredible photo was taken by Talib Almarri and shows an image of a large group of hippos wallowing in some mud. It’s a fascinating picture that paints a different light on hippos and all their intricacies. The image was a finalist that was part of the Terrestrial Wildlife competition.

  1. The Elephant

Snapped by Gunther De Bruyn, it’s a truly one-of-a-kind photo that depicts an elephant reaching into an open-air kitchen with its trunk, obviously looking for some kind of snack to enjoy. Its narrative is that of the fine line between nature and mankind, and how the two sometimes interact in the unlikeliest of places, especially as mankind continues to encroach into places that were once totally untouched.

  1. A Sip

Many bat species drink water by swooping down over the surface of the water and taking a quick sip before flying off again. Due to how quick these animals are, it’s notoriously difficult to get any images of them, which makes “A Sip” one of the best photos of all time. Taken by Piotr Naskrecki, it shows a bat as it flies down low and takes a mouthful of water, and it was given a first-place prize in the Winged Life section.

  1. Rain’s Visitors At Dusk

Using a mixture of different lights, photographer Agorastos Papatsanis was able to capture this truly amazing picture that’s looks somewhat surreal. Here we see some mushrooms set against a blue background of pine trees, and it made such an impression on viewers that was given the a finalist position in the Landscapes and Flora category, and for many it’s usually just easier to learn to play Blackjack.

  1. Caught By Cats

Caught By Cats is an image taken by Jak Wonderly and shows a picture of the many birds that were captured and killed by cats that would eventually succumb while at an animal hospital. It’s a difficult image to look at, and portrays how much damage a cat can cause to the local wildlife when left to its own devices.

  1. Guardian Warriors

This photograph made rounds throughout the world due to its unique nature. Here we see a man with his arm around a baby giraffe, with the giraffe seemingly embracing the affection. Amy Vitale is the photographer behind this powerful image that shows the relationship that man shares with nature, and one that many of the modern world have forgotten.

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