Truly Interesting Facts About Michelangelo

While he may not be quite as famous as Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci, there are not that many people that haven’t heard of Michelangelo.

Considered as something of a true prodigy and creating some of the most incredible art found in Europe, Michelangelo was an extremely skilled artist whose work quickly became timeless and is still widely regarded as some of the finest artwork of all time.

He led an interesting and long life and was able to create pieces that are still around to this day. Here we will explore some fascinating facts about the renowned artist.

1. He Had A Taste For Vengeance

While Michelangelo worked on The Last Judgement, he was visited by then Pope Paul II, who wanted to see how the work was coming along.

He also brought Biagio da Cesena, who was the Master of Ceremonies, and was outraged at the many naked figures that were in the painting. In response, Michelangelo would add da Decesena as Minos, who was the judge of souls, but added to large donkey ears to him. The Master of Ceremonies naturally complained, but the Pope brushed it off.

2. He Had A Dislike For Leonardo da Vinci

Some historians have suggested that da Vinci and Michelangelo did not like each other at all. They were both powerful and well-known figures in the world of art but had polarised views on how art should be created.

Whenever they came face-to-face, they often clashed and argued loudly amongst each other.

3. He Was One Of The Wealthiest Artists Around

Artists in the Renaissance were paid well, and Michelangelo was one of the best of his generation, meaning that he got paid small fortunes for his commissions. Pope Julius II was one of his most devoted patrons, and reportedly paid the artist vast sums of money for his work.

It’s believed that he eventually became one of the richest artists who ever lived and coveted an amount far more than Leonardo da Vinci ever held. It’s believed that his estate was worth around $50 million when converted into modern currency, the kind of money that we could only gain through smart investments or playing online bingo for real money.

4. He Lived To A Ripe, Old Age

While the Renaissance was miles ahead of the Dark Ages in terms of healthcare and overall quality of living, people did not live nearly as long as they do today.

Michelangelo stands out in this regard, as it’s reported that he lived to the age of 89, dying of an illness in 1564. He outlived many of his peers thanks to his long lifespan that was fairly unusual for the time.

5. The Statue of David

Arguably his most well-known creation, the Statue of David has become a staple in the art world and can still be visited to this day. Made out of a single piece of marble that was known as “The Giant”, it was a block that most other artists deemed low quality.

Despite this, Michelangelo decided to use it anyway, and while it has lasted out the years, it’s in much worse condition compared to other works that were made of superior marble.

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