Street Art: The Most Fashionable Form of Modern Public Art

Street art is an original form of artistic expression that one can only view from the streets. In other words, this form of art is one that is openly public and on view for all to see, finding itself displayed on the sides of city buildings and walls.

Street art has had a difficult time being recognized as a real form of art, often being mistaken for graffiti, and being looked at as a criminal activity. The art form has faced its fair share of demonization. There is however a marked difference between street art and graffiti.

Street Art vs Graffiti:

Graffiti, like street art (graffiti is undoubtedly a form of art itself), involves the marking of public space by individuals, and quite often groups of individuals. Graffiti however is unauthorized and illegal in most countries.

Graffiti is often done via spray paint and includes stylistic symbols or phrases which are common among graffiti artists around the world. It has been described as a form of anti-social behaviour even though the art form has been practiced for decades already.

Street art undoubtedly derives from graffiti and now contains many of its own unique features. In the early 1980s, graffiti artists moved largely from text-based art to art that is highly laden with imagery.

Street artists are now, for the most part, accepted in many different countries around the world and are often commissioned to display their art throughout certain sections of cities worldwide. Countries that have legalized street art include Australia, Germany, Poland, and Switzerland to name a few.

Street art, however, to the many common onlookers, is no different from graffiti and thus its status as art is often overlooked because of its reputation for being vandalism.

Popular Street Art Destinations:

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city with a rich history that has birthed many world-renowned artists. The East Side of Berlin has been described as a mecca for public art boasting some of the most colourful and interesting city walls the world has to offer.

Containing memorial pieces from communist-era Germany, protest pieces from the second world war, and beautiful contemporary art, Berlin is a must-see for street art lovers. 

Melbourne, Australia

While you’ll find the best online casino sites in Canada in 2022, Melbourne has been dubbed “the stencil capital of the world”. Melbourne boasts countless pieces of beautiful street art in the city. Along with much to admire while walking the streets the city has also hosted the annual Stencil Festival which has taken place since 2004.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil does not simply tolerate street art in its cities, but actually encourages the art form through a series of relaxed laws relating to city planning, which allows any privately owned building to serve as a canvass.

Thus, Sao Paulo has grown in terms of street art reputation welcoming international street artists to come and display their art as well as hosting several powerful local names.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has perhaps the most famous street art wall worldwide where any person is allowed to display their own works of art – the Lennon Wall. During communist rule in the Czech Republic, this wall was used to display protest messages and was named after the enigmatic vocalist for the Beatles – John Lennon.

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