The Beauty of Newsprint Painting

Whether you are a budding artist, an experienced old-time painter, a stay-at-home creative mom, or just have a passion for art and upcycling – why not consider newspaper painting. This freeing and unusual way of artistic expression is a unique way of creating pieces of art that are not only different to the norm, but are also a wonderful way to upcycle old newspapers too.

Let’s face it, art supplies are expensive. No matter what medium you use, and no matter where you get your supplies, painting is without a doubt a pricey hobby. But looking into using some more sustainable supplies that are not only actively participating in recycling, but also eco-friendly for your wallet, is a great idea for all kinds of artists and painters.

Prepping Your Paper

Once you’re finished reading your newspaper, cut along the fold in the middle and then cut neatly around the edges. Once you have cut away all the excess part of paper and follow the lines of the middle boxes of text, then the size you are left with is just a bit bigger than a normal a4 piece of printing paper.

Next, it’s important to find a way to keep the newspaper still whilst you are wanting to paint or draw on it. Decide whether you are wanting to use the newspaper sheet as is and stick it down onto recycled canvas, or whether you are wanting to stick it onto cardboard or something thinner and more flexible. Once you have found the surface you will be applying the newspaper to, use your best adhesive to stick it down and wait for it to dry. Make sure you have stuck it properly and ironed out any air bubbles stuck underneath the surface.

Creating Your Piece Of Art

Everyone prefers their own medium when it comes to painting, from acrylics to watercolour paints, there’s no right or wrong medium to use. Deciding what to use on your newspaper print all depends on the desired visual outcome. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  1. Pencil, charcoal, pen: each of these is light enough in visual appearance for you to generally still be able to see the newspaper print underneath it. Should you wish for your end result to be one where the newspaper is obvious, then choose one of these three suggestions.
  2. Watercolour: watercolour, like the above suggestions, is also light enough for the newspaper to shine through. But instead of the heavy residue of pencil, charcoal or pen, watercolour paints will gently flow over the newspaper and create an unusual texture and hue exploration.
  3. Acrylic and oil: acrylic and oil paints are heavy and intense. They also have the potential to totally cover the newspaper, disguising it, if this is something you are wanting.

The end result of art on newspaper is as unique and inspiring as the sites at It opens up a door to a world that hasn’t been explored enough and it has potential to change the world of art as we know it.

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