The Greatest Paintings Of All Time

Creating art is something that mankind has been doing since the dawn of recorded history. From cave paintings to huge works of art that span ceilings, painting is a medium of expression that has changed and evolved alongside us over the years and is now one of the most popular pastimes in the world.

Ausvegas – Despite all of the art that has been created, there are some pieces that stand out more than others. These are works of art that are widely considered the greatest ever made and have long intrigued both critics and viewers alike. And while art is very much subjective, these paintings are generally regarded as the best in the history of the civilisation.

The Last Supper

This late 15th century painting was created by none other than Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci, and remains one of the world’s most well known pieces of art. It’s been studied for centuries, and countless details and secrets have been unveiled at that time. It’s believed that the painting was started in 1495 as part of a commission for a renovation of a church by Ludovico Sforza, who was the Duke of Milan at the time and patron of da Vinci. It depicts the last supper of Jesus Christ along with his disciples before he was betrayed and crucified by the Romans.

The Ninth Wave

Painted by Armenian painter Ivan Aivazoysky, the Ninth Wave was made in 1850 and focuses on a nautical tradition about how waves grow larger over time until they peak at the ninth wave. The painting itself shows an ocean just after a stormy night, with the sailors within the piece having to face the large waves as they desperately cling to some pieces of debris that were left over from their ship that was wrecked.

It’s widely considered one of the greatest paintings of all time thanks to its strong use of warmer colours and tones, as well as the deeper message of people always holding on to hope no matter what kind of odds they are facing.

The Starry Night

Both the most expensive painting in the world and regarded as the best of all time, The Starry Night is the magnum opus of famed painter Vincent Van Gogh. He painted it in 1889 and shows the view of the night sky that Van Gogh was able to see while staying in a hospital due to the mental illnesses that he was suffering from at the time. Along with the sky itself, it’s possible to see a small village in the distance that was not far from the hospital that Van Gogh was staying in – it makes for a great story to read up on between playing online slots in NZ.

The Mona Lisa

Another from Leonardo da Vinci, this time it’s a portrait of a woman with a peculiar smile that has left experts baffled for hundreds of years. Along with The Starry Night, The Mona Lisa is often considered the best painting ever made, and currently stands in the Louvre gallery in France. It’s only been in recent years that historians have been able to correctly identify the woman in the portrait.

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