The Most Famous Artists From The Renaissance

The Dark Ages are generally considered as one of the darkest times in human history; a time where education was not widespread, fanaticism ran rampant, and the Church had almost full control of much of the European world. But it didn’t last, and before long a new age emerged from the ashes of the old one, a world that focused on science, education, and, of course, art.

In fact, the Renaissance is often seen as one of the greatest periods of art in the history of the world, with more than a handful of truly remarkable artists creating works that are still famous to this day. Here we will explore some of the best artists of the Renaissance.


Most people of the modern age have probably heard of the name Donatello, even if it was in passing. Him, along with Filippo Brunelleschi, once ventured to ancient Roman ruins and studied them in great detail. They would use the ancient Romans as inspiration for much of their later work, especially within art and architecture, and much of their creations would go on to change the Renaissance and the people within it forever. He helped move the world away from the Gothic style that was popular at the time, to a more classic look that would become the backbone of the period.


Often considered as one of the greatest artists that ever lived, Raphael’s influence on the world of art could be felt throughout much of Europe, and he was profoundly influential on many other artists of the time. He, alongside Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci are considered the trio that made up the masters of the High Renaissance. Even though the other two would become more well-known over the centuries, at the time Raphael was widely regarded as the greatest artist of the period, and his work remained influential up until the end of the 19th century.


While he may not be quite as famous as Leonardo da Vinci today, Michelangelo was no doubt just as skilled, and had a powerful influence on the world around him and has been featured in modern media from television to games on

Often known as a universal genius that excelled in a number of fields throughout his life, including art, engineering, and poetry, Michelangelo was incredibly talented, although it’s widely accepted that his strongest skills were in the art of creating sculptures. After he had died, countless artists attempted to imitate his unique artworks, although none of the others have been able to quite capture his talent.

Leonardo da Vinci

A man that needs no introduction at all, and probably the most intelligent human that has ever lived, Leonardo da Vinci was a person of many talents, including art, engineering, invention, medicine, and much more.

Not only did he create some of the most well-known paintings of all time, but many of his inventions were centuries ahead of their time. Da Vinci’s influence on the western world is unparalleled, and to this day historians are uncovering secrets about this master artist’s fascinating life.

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