The Most Overrated Paintings Of All Time

One of the most interesting things about art is that it is subjective. What some might consider to be incredible others might consider mundane. Neither opinion is correct, neither is wrong; such is the nature of art. To put it another way; art is what the beholder makes of it, and nothing more.

With that being said there are some renowned, critically acclaimed paintings that are widely considered to be overrated. We’re not suggesting that they are overrated, only pointing out that they have a certain reputation.

Campbell’s Soup Cans

Where to begin with Campbell’s Soup Cans? Produced by the infamous Andy Warhol in 1962, the collection of artworks consists of 32 images of soup cans. Each canvas is 20 inches in height, depicts a soup can, and offers little in the way of creativity. Most notable is that the artworks aren’t even created by hand. They’re developed with printmaking methods, meaning that Warhol had little overall influence on how each image actually came out.

Say what you will about Warhol, that his artworks get as much attention as they do is fascinating. Perhaps he was more aware of what made art popular than anybody gives him credit for.

No. 5

Jackson Pollock shared an equal measure of peculiarity with Warhol, though perhaps was not as overt about his eccentricities. Either way, he made headlines across the world with his splattered canvases, seeming to demonstrate that little was needed to create multi-million dollar artworks. One of his artworks, No. 5, released in 1948. Referred to as abstract expressionism, most see No. 5 as a canvas drizzled with various paints.

The value of No. 5 is utterly ridiculous, though most artists are aware that it is Pollock’s reputation being sold, not the artwork itself.

Broadway Boogie-Woogie

Check out some Aussie slots online and you’ll be treated to some impressive artwork. Whether that artwork is better or worse than canvases selling for millions is debatable. Though, take a look at Broadway Boogie-Woogie, 1943, and you might just land up thinking online casino artwork is great deal better.

It has been suggested that Broadway Boogie-Woogie depicts the city grid of Manhattan, and that may be true. But what most see is a grid of yellow lines, blue and red blocks, and not much more. Again, art is in the eye of the beholder, and some may consider this a masterpiece.

Drowning Girl

Say what you will about some of the other paintings on this list, at least Drowning Girl, 1963, is clear about what it’s depicting. A strikingly comic book girl is sinking beneath water, outwardly declaring that she’d rather drown than ask Brad for help. It isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but Drowning Girl has been a permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art since 1971.

Necklace And Hummingbird

Controversy will know no bounds by including Necklace And Hummingbird, by Frida Kahlo, on this list. The iconic painting is known around the world, but does it really deserve all the attention it gets?

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