Unusual Forms Of Art That Will Peak Your Interest

Artistic expression can take many forms and cannot be identified or defined with specification, as it is total freedom of expression. An art form is a specific shape or quality an artistic expression takes. The thing that is often used to define what category of art a piece fits into, is what type of medium the artist used. Art and artistic expression is limitless and full of freedom and choice.

Here are some examples of some wonderfully fresh and highly unusual forms of art that are a real treat for the eye, and full of unique artistic expression.

Sticky Note Art

Sticky note art? Yes, you read that right. Sticky notes are being used in their variety of unusual colours, shapes and sizes and are being used to create a beautiful selection of colours and contrast in their own form of art.

Not only are sticky notes being used in their own genre of art, they are also finding their way into other mediums and styles to provide a variation of texture or colour. They are being used in sculptures, underneath acrylic paint on canvas, in performance art pieces, and creating truly stunning pixilated art pieces. Sticky notes have become a creative and colourful way to express one’s self through art.


Also known as super-realism or hyper-realism, the photorealism movement began in the 1960’s. The intention is to create lifelike images imitating real and influential photographs. The artist will copy every detail, down to a tee, regardless of the size or type of photograph. The end result is a piece of art that looks like a duplicate of the original image.

This wonderful art movement stretched through sculpture, painting and even the contemporary pop art movement. Photorealism brought attention to the immense power and beauty of the ordinary. It brings life, context and texture to the mundane with as much accuracy as possible.

Gourd Art

Gourd art involves creating works of art through painting, carving, dying or polishing dried, hard gourd shells. This beautiful art expression takes different kinds of gourds shells and magically transforms them into iconic works of art.

Some popular creations that are created from this medium are:  ornaments, vases, bowls, sculptures and wall arts. Gourd Art originates from the ancient African, Asian and some Native American tribes.


Batik is an ancient form of bringing colour to textiles using natural dyes and wax, the process is quite similar to tie-dying. The batik method is complex and full of its own beauty and complexity. This long and dedicated process starts by the artist applying wax on the areas of the fabric that they do not want to colour. The cloth is then submerged in dye. The cloth then soaks for a while so that the dye will bring colour to the areas of the cloth that have been left unwaxed. The end result is truly unique.

True art knows no bounds, and some may even say that the games found at Sri Lanka casinos online  are art. Art cannot be confined to a medium, type, culture or artist. We live in a world where freedom and sovereignty are constantly being challenged in every way, shape and form. One of the ways in which our freedom can never be taken from us is the way in which we artistically express ourselves, whether we are artists or not.

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