What Are The Most Fascinating Public Sculptures?

Select public artwork has been an element of our society for a number of years. Over time, as world travel has become easier and safer, pieces of art such as public sculptures have transformed into tourist magnets all their own.

From the busy lanes of New York City and Chicago to reserved corners of the globe in Howick and Las Colinas, we will show you some of the world’s most fascinating public sculptures. Each one fulfils a cultural concern — a problem that was proposed by a group or city officials and acknowledged by the artists.

Forever Bicycles

Once situated in Waller Beach at Town Lake Metropolitan Park in Austin is Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles. This 3D sculpture was formed from 1 200 bicycles, which is a vehicle the artist utilised throughout his childhood in Beijing to move around the city.

This work which represents childhood and freedom, was not destined to remain in Austin indefinitely. It was finally taken down in May 2017 as the city no longer had the ability to fund the beloved installation.

The Singing Ringing Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree, which was beautifully curated by artists Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu in 2006, sits majestically in the Pennine hill range that overlooks Burnley, England.

The 10 feet tall structure is consists of rows of galvanised steel cylinders in such a way that it resembles the shape of an actual tree. Here’s the real magic. When the wind passes through the sculpture, a tune can be heard almost as if it is alive and singing.

In 2007, the structure was dedicated to the National Award of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Force of Nature

Force of Nature, which is situated in a number of major cities around the globe, was created by the Italian artist, Lorenzo Quinn. This artist was encouraged by the devastation that was observed after hurricanes around the world. Constructed from bronze, stainless steel, and aluminium, Force of Nature represents mother nature who is throwing the planet in circles.

Bridge Over Tree

Situated in New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park is Bridge Over Tree. This is a sculptural installation which was created by Iranian-born, Minneapolis-based artist Siah Armajani.

Firstly, the work was shown as a temporary sculpture in Minneapolis in 1970. Again it was on view in 2019 for the first time in almost 50 years. It consists of a 91-foot-long bridge and a set of stairs at the midpoint of the sculpture. These stairs send visitors up and down right over a small evergreen tree.

The sculpture was designed to force complete strangers to pass, interact and then cooperate with one another when passing the centre of the structure, so be sure to finish your walk before you start any online NRL betting.

Les Voyageurs

Les Voyageurs, which are sculptures of two men with missing torsos and are holding travel bags in Marseilles, France, is both an elegy to new beginnings and a nod to finished journeys left behind. French artist Bruno Catalano conjures up sorrowing feelings and memories that every traveller feels when migrating to find a home in a new place.

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